Saturday, February 4, 2012


I have reports to back this up. Have your store manager or pharmacy manager print out your community report reflecting hour many hours designated to your location vs script count.
This isn't fair


Crime has increased over the past years. Walgreens do not have an alarm system that can alert the police dept. Our lives are at stake here. We deal with bipolar, schizophrenics, depressed patients daily. Some get ticked and really pissed. So if they decide to take it a little further how do we handle it. The cameras barely work right. You know that guys. All those glass bubbles you see when you walk into the stores or pharmacy dont work except if it has a screen. Is this safe enough for us?


Its so difficult to get a vacation request approved except if you are highly favored or just darn lucky. The company basically tell you when you should take a vacation.

Calling in sick in some districts are awful. Like you know ahead of time, you are going to get sick. Supervisors send out this ridiculous email that states that "the pharmacy should never be closed" So if you are sick and you are the opening pharmacist, you should go in until they or you find coverage.
If you go in and get sick, you will work the remaining of your shift sick. Goodluck!
We advise patients on what to do when they are sick. But when we get sick, we cant call in sick without getting a doctor's note. You dont go to the doctors for everything, we are doctors too!


Did you lose your job as a pharmacist? Were you wrongly accused without proof. Was your Supervisor, Loss Prevention, or Employee Relations in it too?
We have situations were technicians, store mgrs are being favored over the pharmacists. We rarely get a fair trial. They've made their decisions before they come investigate. Whoever reports first is RIGHT! (that aint fair hearing)
In most cases, the problem is not solved and the pharmacist is moved to a different store.
There are other situations where the rph is pinned wth vague accusations that do not warrant terminations. i.e a limit on STARS event. When you got hired, where you told about the maximum number of errors? some entered STARS are minor as incorrect quantity.
Employees should feel comfortable approaching or calling LP, employee relation or Supervisors about issues.


I dont mind checking out a patient at my own will because maybe i will like to continue a conversation/counsel from the aisle to the pharmacy. I don't want to run the drive-thru, and front registers. Worst of all checkout the register tills!
Walgreens should provide cashiers if they cant pay technicians to do so.
Our duties as pharmacist is beyond what the technicians and store managers see. When we get a script, we should adequately carry out the 10 point check system. Which never happens. If you are overwhelmed like i am, i probably do a 3 point check. Match the patient name, drug name and what the pill looks like and bag it up. O please do not judge, when i'm on a clock to scan, type, review, fill and bag up every script within 15 minutes or less not putting into consideration other distractions
Who makes $72.2 billion dollars in sales, $20.5 billion in gross profit and cannot afford to have sufficient manpower to do their dirty work. Don't get me wrong fellas. I love being a pharmacist but walgreens won't let me enjoy my job and  is not letting us practice Pharmacy to the best of our ability. And i definitely hate to lose my license.

Friday, February 3, 2012


Now this topic is for the consumers. Walgreens pharmacists are overwhelmed with workload. The vaccines are all mixed up in one area of the refrigerator. In most stores if not all, they are mixed with meningitis, pneumonia, tetanus, gardasil vaccines. We are in most cases in a hurry. We may have grabbed an incorrect vial and injected you with something we thought was the flu vaccine. We shouldn't have to run the health testing, and prescriptions at the same time. So when you walk into a walgreens for a vaccine shot, think twice


Where do i start? We work 8 to 12 hours per day without a break (at least a 15minutes) This is totally wrong and management don't see anything wrong with this.
We are expected not to complain. How do they expect us to function? Four hours into work, i need to have a cigarette and i don't smoke.
We have the phones constantly ringing off the hook, doctor calls, patient calls, insurance calls, counseling, CAPs here and there, problem solving, filling, verifying, typing F1, reviewing F4. All one person!!!!!! arrghhh

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